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TricFit Session 8

Tricfit 50/10 supersets (8)

Warm up of your choice 10-15 minutes

Superset 1

Squatting star jumps
Clapping push-ups
Plank hold with leg raise
Kettlebell reverse lunge
DB get-ups

5 minute run (6% incline, 9.0kp/h)

Superset 2

DB cleans
Leg raises with toe poke
Kettlebell windmills
DB deadlifts, curls, presses
Glider crunches + push-ups

5 minute run (6% incline, 9.0kp/h)

repeat from superset 1

lets do it! give your best, fight that burn, enjoy the rewards!!!

Well here you go boys and girls, lets keep working hard!!!

50/10 supersets, 18th Jan

Warm up of your choice

Superset 1 (mat, step, 10 kg dumbbell)

Box Jumps
Squat raises(lat)
Mountain Climbers
Bosu Ball roll-ups
Weighted full body crunch

5 minute run (9.0km/h ; 6% incline)

Superset 2 (mat, step, 20kg barbell)

Barbell curl presses
Half body roll-outs
Single-leg lat jump
Corkscrew push-ups
Froggy leaps

5 minute run (9.0km/h ; 6% incline)

Repeat from superset 1

warm up, ,cool down stretch afterwards

have fun

TricFit Sweat Session

Tricfit 50/10 superset workout 2

Although Monday’s session proved to be very challenging, I do feel that it was just the festive season/weekend catching up on you ;)
So your next session looks quite similar but with different exercises. This session will include more compound and explosive movements all to keep this exciting way of training even more interesting.

Superset 1 (barbell, step, 6kg dumbbells, bosu ball)

Barbell deadlifts
Dumbbell lat raises
Lateral lunges to shoulder press
Crab walk step-ups
Fish push-ups

5 minutes run

Superset 2 (5 kg dumbbells, 10 kg dumbbells)

Deep squats
Weighted uppercuts (alt)
Leaping lunges
Chest flys on floor
V-shape cross body crunches

5 minute run

50/10 super set sessions

the name suggests that you would be performing a particular exercise for 50 seconds, followed by a 10 second break. By doing this you guarantee a nice fast heart rate throughout the 5 minute period of training time. This has proven to burn fat effectively, as your heart rate will not ever drop too low throughout the session. High focus is required before training starts and the program is not for the faint hearted ;)

These types of programs are designed to speed up your metabolic rate fusing strength training with heart racing full body movements to improve not only your cardio fitness but also your muscle fitness.

As of the the 9th Jan 2012 I will be training my client Lance Isaacs using this method of traning, I have effectively and successfully trained other clients using this method before.

The 50/10 superset sessions will allow your body to adapt to working in a higher heart rate zone, and to overcome any “scary” looking exercises.

Monday 9th Jan session

Superset 1 (barbell, step, 4 kg dumbbells)

Bicep curl/shoulder press
Jump squats
Push up crossbody pikes
Quick step toe touches
Weighted punches

5 minutes treadmill run

Superset 2 (fitball, dumbbells)

Fitball jackknives
DB chest presses on fitball
Fitball half body pike crunches
Fitball jumps (over ball)
DB hammer curls

5 minute treadmill run

Superset 3 (dumbbells)

Welcome 2012 season

Hello friends, its been a while since my last post but I’m going to be doing my best to be keeping you guys up to date with whats going on with my racing and life in general…

My trainer Bjorn Bergins and I have been seeking ways to keep the training interesting and over the years I’ve had many of you asking me about training routines etc….
So now we’ve come up with an idea where you can track my training and follow my training with Bjorn and Reflex Nutrition as I prepare for the season.

I hope you guys are ready so stay tuned to my site and follow me (@Lancelot38) and Bjorn (@BBergins) on Twitter to see what’s going on!

2011 One on One

Fierce Battle with 2 to Go

The BikeFin Honda team is facing a fierce battle in two weeks time when the penultimate round of the South African Supersport Championship takes place at the Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria East. The past seven rounds has seen the most spectacular racing ever in SA within the WSS Supers sport 600cc class. The last two remaining race event will determine who will be crowned 2011 champion. Team principle Brad Anassis is very confident that Clint Seller has the package to enable him to walk away with the top spot. After leading the series earlier in the season, Clint is only 5 points adrift from the championship leader but he has without a doubt the leading edge as Brad explains. “Clint has been on record pace since his very first outing on his BikeFin Honda CBR600RR.” Moreover, “the team has been able to improve the bike tremendously during the course of the season. The BikeFin Honda’s are still able to win races against odds of the much more powerful counterpart machines in this 600 class. Zwartkops Raceway is a track that suits the Honda CBR600RR and racing ‘at home’ will definitely be an advantage. Clint can also count on the support of his team members Lance Isaacs and Brent Harran. Although his peers still have a mathematical chance of claiming the title. Without having any team orders, Lance still wants to claim a couple of victories before the end of the season and Brent is still chasing his first victory in SA National events! The team in the meantime is working around the clock to prepare the bike’s in the best possible way. Portable Shade will no doubt be stepping up the team pit profile and look out for the debut of the all NEW Anassis Racing team rig..!! It’s going to be a humdinger of a season ending.

East London Pre Race Report

Pre-Race Report: The BikeFin Honda Racing Team is warming up for the 6th Round of the South African Supersport Championship in East London at the ultra fast Grand Prix track. After the victorious 1-2-3 of the team in Port Elizabeth, the team has no lesser intention than to replicate the same result in East London. Team owner Anassis “it’s going to be tough to get the same result as in PE as this track is very fast with front straight being 1.5km long, we know the other bikes have power over us and handling does not play as big enough role when all you need to do is hang on the cable 80% of the time around this track”

Lance Isaacs had a massive boost with his double victory and to him; East London will be “Flat Out, Head Down, Bum Up” race to the line! Brent Harran has been enjoying a Holiday in Cape Town after concluding his exams and had ample of time to “focus on his training and racing.” Brent has been waiting for his maiden victory the entire season and he will do whatever it takes to fight for the win. Clint Seller, currently second in the championship standing, has a clear shot for the lead with just 3 points behind the leader. “Coming home from East London with the lead in the championship” is his simple target. The boys are renowned for their extreme late breaking at the very fast Grand Prix Track. Angolan champion Sandro Carvalho had a solid recovery of his shoulder injury and is “thrilled to go out on the fastest track of the year.” Although it is his first time out on the track, Sandro has shown that he has the speed to master it. With four races to go in the Supersport Championship. First practice is Friday 2nd August and the team will report live from the track with all the inside action… Bring it on!

Amidst all the controversy and politics surrounding the Bikefin Honda Race team, it is safe to say that perseverance, effort and team spirit paid off in the end.

Torrential rain and extreme cold made the Friday practice session a challenge to say the least. Riders had to be careful as the weather conditions made the track treacherous to ride on. Bikefin Honda riders went out once to get a feel for the track and to literally “Test the waters”.

Saturday morning delivered a still wet track and the race was declared a “wet – race” Rain stayed away and racing could continue as per usual. Clinton Seller claimed pole position for race 1 and showed through skill and talent that he is the master of qualifier. Clinton Seller has maintained pole position every race this year. Lance Isaacs followed in third while Brent Harran struggled with his visor in clearing up conditions. The glare made it impossible to put a decent lap-time on and time was running out after he had to change the visor during the session. He ended up in 12th position on the grid for both races.

Race 1 – BikeFin Honda team took off and left all competition behind. The hard work and talent of the whole team started to show. While Lance Isaacs and Clinton Seller fought over the lead, it was Brent Harran who needed only three laps to join his team mates in third position.

Half way through the race saw Lance Isaacs kick things up a notch and had a solid 5,2second lead off Seller and Harran on the first checkered flag of the day. Lance was thrilled with his first victory of the year and he was happy to put an end to his battle with the CBR600RR.

Race 2 -At the line-up of the second race the team had a clear understanding of what was expected. Repeat the result of race one! That is exactly what happened and in the early stages of the race it was again Lance Isaacs and Clinton Seller who left the rest of the field behind in a display nothing short of masterful. Brent Harran, still frustrated over his bad qualifying, claimed seven positions in the first lap and by lap four he had the two leading Honda CBR600RR’s in sight. Because of his hard work in the first race, he had to settle for third when his tires started to deteriorate. Lance Isaacs and Clint Seller finished in first and second position as in the first race, with the only difference that the gap to number four was now over 10 seconds.

Total domination of the BikeFin Honda Racing Team was long coming and half way through the season the team left Port Elizabeth with maximum points and renewed motivation and drive. It is clear that all three riders are now in contention for the championship.

“The best race ever for the BikeFin Honda Racing team and it is a long time coming” said Brad Anassis, team principle, after the 5thround of the Supersport Championship in Port Elizabeth at the Aldo Scribante Racetrack. The team dominated the race weekend in all aspects and on all fronts, leaving the competition numb. Anassis went on to say – “this is the reward you get when you put SA’s best riders on the finest bike, backed by the most enthusiastic people in the motorcycle industry ‘BikeFin’ you made a dream come true..! but BB this one’s for you, thank you”

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